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LV and LVC Series Amps to be Discontinued

November 11, 2011 - AE Techron announced today the discontinuation of the popular LVC and LV product lines. This includes the following models: LVC2016, LVC623, LVC623HF, LVC5050, LVC5050RLY, LV3620 and LV3622. AE Techron will continue to support and service the LVC and LV lines. For technical support or service, contact Tech Support (tech@aetechron.com) or Customer Service (service@aetechron.com).

For many years the LVC and LV models were popular choices for EMC, MRI/NMR and general research applications. We are thankful for those who supported these products and provided feedback for their continued development and improvement.

AE Techron recognizes the important niche the LVC and LV product lines filled for our customers and we are continually working on new and innovative products to meet your toughest requirements. To view our summary of all current AE Techron products, click here. For more information please contact our Sales Department at sales@aetechron.com or 574-295-9495. We look forward to hearing from you..