7794: Up to 200 Ap/100 Vp, DC to 150 kHz, Three-Phase

7794 amplifier

The 7794 is a powerful four-quadrant amplifier that offers up to 200 Ap power, DC - 100 kHz bandwidth, and controlled-current or controlled-voltage modes of operation. The 7794 works best into loads of 0.5 ohms or less. For greater voltage or current (up

to 800 Ap) units can be combined in parallel or series.

Typically used when large currents are needed to drive very low impedances for long periods of time.  Often used as a battery substitute for transient immunity testing requiring a battery as specified in EMC Test Standards for military, aviation and the automotive industries.


Industrial amplifier for high current/low impedance operation

  • Stable when driving a wide range of resistive, inductive or capacitive loads
  • Field-selectable controlled-voltage or controlled-current operation
  • Can be switched between rail supply modes to optimize for various load impedances
  • Protection circuits guard against over/under voltage, over current, over temperature, and circulating ground currents

Key Performance Capabilities:

  • 60A continuous at 13.8V DC
  • 200A in-rush current capability
  • 150 kHz small signal bandwidth
  • ±95V DC capable
  • >35 V/µs slew rate
  • Four-quadrant operation (source and sink)


AC Output

Note: Testing performed at 208V/415V AC into resistive loads as specified. 7794 accuracy was measured when driven into a 10 ohm load with between 0.1VDC and 6VDC or between 0.2V AC and 5V AC presented at its inputs. Performance reported is typical into the specified load up to 20 kHz frequency levels. Above 20 kHz, slew rate may affect performance, reducing maximum voltage, current and power output. 7794 amplifiers can operate from 400V AC ±10%. Since these amplifiers have an unregulated power supply, low line conditions may slightly affect the maximum voltage potential.



40mSec Pulse,
30% Duty Cycle
5 Min,
100% Duty Cycle
1 Hr,
100% Duty Cycle
5 Min,
100% Duty Cycle
1 Hr,
100% Duty Cycle
Volts Amps Volts Amps Volts Amps Volts Amps Volts Amps Watts
8 98 13 98 13 97 13 69 9 69 9 600
4 95 23 95 23 95 23 66 16 66 16 1000
2 88 44 88 44 88 44 60 30 60 30 1800
1 81 81 81 81 81 81 56 56 56 56 3200
0.5 72 144 72 144 72 144 50 100 50 100 5000
0.25 50 210 32 134 32 134 23 91 23 91 2000
0.125 23 197 23 194 23 191 16 133 16 130 2000

DC Output


OUTPUT (Amperes)

Volts DC 10 Minutes,
100% Duty Cycle
1 Hour,
100% Duty Cycle
13.5 80 60
24 115 106
32 120 115
48 60 40
80 50 50


Frequency Data

7794 Voltage Potential



Note: Testing performed at 208V/415V AC. 7794 amplifiers can operate from 400V AC ±10%. Since these amplifiers have an unregulated power supply, low line conditions may slightly affect the maximum voltage potential. All testing was performed in Controlled-Voltage (CV) mode. Accuracy was measured when driven into a 10-ohm load with between 0.1V DC and 6V DC or between 0.2V AC and 5V AC presented at its inputs.

Frequency Response, (1 watt into 8 ohms)
   DC - 150 kHz: +0.1 to -5.2 dB
   DC - 30 kHz: +0.1 to -0.5 dB
8-Ohm Power Response (continuous duty):
   DC to 50 kHz: ± 95 Vpk
   DC to 150 kHz: ± 50 Vpk
   DC to 200 kHz: ± 25 Vpk
Maximum Continuous Output Power: 5000 watts RMS  
Slew Rate: >35 V/µs
Residual Noise, 10 Hz to 20 kHz: Less than 250 µV
Unit to Unit Phase Error: ±0.1 degrees at 60 Hz
THD (DC - 20 kHz): Less than 0.25%
Output Offset: Less than 200 µV
Output Offset Current: Less than 10 mA DC
DC Drift,
   From Cold to Maximum Operating Temperature:
   After 20 minutes of Operation: ±200µV
Output Impedance: 3.2 mΩ in Series with 2.2 µH
Phase Response (10 Hz - 10 kHz) : ±8.3 degrees
Phase Error: ±0.1 degrees at 60 Hz
Input Characteristics,
   Balanced with ground:
Three terminal barrier block connector, 20 kΩ differential
   Unbalanced: BNC connector, 10 kΩ single ended.
Gain, Voltage Mode: 20 volts/volt;  Current Mode: 20 amperes/volt
Gain Linearity (over input signal, from 0.2V to 5V),
   DC: 0.0125%
   AC: 0.030%
Max Input Voltage: ±10V, balanced or unbalanced
Input Impedance: 20 kΩ differential
Input Sensitivity: 3.0V input for 3800W output into 1 ohm (adjustable)
Common Mode Rejection Range: -±11 VDC maximum
Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 70 dB

Status Display, Control, I/O

Front Panel LED Displays indicate: Ready, Standby, Fault
Soft Touch Switches for: Run, Stop, Reset
LCD Display: Can be configured for up to four simultanteous displays report one, two, or all four of the following: Vp, VRMS, Ap, ARMS. Also reports any fault conditions that occur and suggests corrective action.
Back Panel Power Connection: NEMA-style locking receptacle; matching AC connector also included
Signal Output:4-position terminal barrier block (OUTPUT / COMMON / SAMPLED COMMON / CHASSIS GROUND); resistor installed between SAMPLED COMMON AND CHASSIS GROUND is a 2.7-ohm, 2W, 5%, metal-oxide resistor
Signal Input: User Selectable BNC or Barrier Strip, Balanced or Unbalanced
Interlock Connector: 25-pin D-sub connector used for amplifier control and status applications; also used in multi-amplifier applications

Communication Capabilities

Current Monitor: 20A/V ± 1%; 10A/V ± 1% (differential configuration)
Reporting: System Fault, Over Temp, Over Voltage, Over Load
Remote Control via Interlock Connector: Force to Standby, Reset after a fault


Over/Under Voltage:
± 10% from specified supply voltage amplifier is forced to Standby
Over Current:
Breaker protection on both main power and low voltage supplies
Over Temperature:
Separate output transistor, heat sink, and transformer temperature monitoring and protection

Physical Characteristics

The Amplifier is designed for stand- alone or rack-mounted operation. The Chassis is aluminum with a black powder-coat finish. The unit occupies five EIA 19-inch-wide units.
Weight: 153 lbs (69 kg), Shipping 168 lbs (76.2 kg)
AC Power: Three-phase, 208 VAC (±10%), 47-60 Hz, 30A AC service; (400 VAC (±10%), 15A model available)
Operating Temperature:
10°C to 50°C (50°F to 122°F), maximum output Power de-rated above 30°C (86°F).
Humidity: 70% or less, non-condensing
Cooling: Forced air cooling from front to back through removable filters via six 100ft3/min. fans. No space is required between rack-mounted amplifiers. Air filters are removeable from the rear via one fastener per side and may be eliminated if cabinet filtration is provided.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 12.25” x 19” x 22.8” (31.3 cm x 48.3 cm x 57.9 cm)

400V versions of this product bear the CE mark

Front & Back

7794 Front Panel


7794 Back Panel


7794 Datasheet

7794 Datasheet

Complete technical specifications

SIM Interlock Connector Pinouts and Functions

SIM Interlock Connector Pinouts and Functions

For 7200 series and 75/7700 series amplifiers

DXF model for chassis

DXF Model for Chassis

For 7794, 7796 and 7796HC amplifiers

STEP file for chassis

Step File for Chassis

For 7794, 7796 and 7796HC amplifiers

Recommended Accessories



Specialized Input Module

For series multiamp systems

DB9M cable


Optoc Interlock Cable

For series multiamp systems

Parallel Wiring Kits


2-Amp, 3-Amp & 4-Amp Kits

For parallel multiamp systems



Ground Current Limiter

Active protection with red LED indicator; resettable




Voltage & Current Monitor

Convenient, scaled monitoring of voltage and current

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