Determining Product Version

How to select the correct Product Documentation for your product:

7548 and 7796 Models

Two versions of the mainboard for 7548 and 7796 models have been used in production for general release. You should refer to the Product Manual specific to the mainboard contained in your unit since some component locations and labels have changed.

To determine the mainboard version contained in your unit, refer to the part number located on the mainboard.

Accessing the Mainboard

The 7548/7796 amplifier Main Board can be accessed by removing the amplifier front panel.

IMPORTANT: Before removing the Front Panel, make sure the amplifier is turned off for at least 3-5 minutes and the AC mains are disconnected.

Follow the instructions provided here to remove the amplifier front panel. Then locate the part number on the main board to determine your product version.

REV 2 mainboards: Part Number 65-7796135-2 is located in the lower left corner of the mainboard.

REV 3 mainboards: Part Number 65-7796135-3 is located in both the upper left and lower left corners of the mainboard.

Choose the appropriate version (below) to download the product manual (pdf format).