Customer Repair Terms

Non-Serviceable Product: AE Techron accepts no responsibility for non-serviceable product sent in for repair. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure their product is serviceable prior to sending it to the factory. Amplifier input cards and owner add-ons are included in this clause.

Since repairability and repair costs vary by product model, the availability of repair services will be verified when the unit is received at our facility. Please make sure you have selected the correct model number for your unit before submitting this ticket request and shipping your unit to AE Techron. If you are not sure of the correct model name to select for your unit, please contact AE Techron for assistance.

Warranty Repairs for AE Techron Products: All units under warranty will be serviced free of charge. AE Techron also will bear the cost of one-way surface freight shipping within the United States. Purchaser must bear the expense of shipping the product between any foreign country and the port of entry in the United States and all taxes, duties, and other customs fees for such foreign shipments.

Warranty Repairs for Crown Products: All expenses in remedying the defect of a unit under warranty, including surface shipping costs in the United States, will be borne by Crown. (You must bear the expense of shipping the product between any foreign country and the port of entry in the United States including the return shipment, and all taxes, duties, and other customs fees for such foreign shipments.) Final determination of a unit’s warranty status will be made by Crown, and if a unit is determined to be out of warranty, the customer is liable for all costs incurred for the unit’s repair, including shipping charges.

Immediate Repair Service: Our Immediate Repair Service with an agreed not-to-exceed cost has the advantage of giving you the quickest repair time at the lowest repair cost, while permitting you to tell us at what point not to proceed.

If a unit is received with a not-to-exceed repair amount that, after diagnosis, is determined not to be adequate to cover anticipated costs for the repair, AE Techron will contact you with an estimate of expected repair cost. You will be given the option to accept or decline this new repair cost. If you decline, you will be charged a $85 USD estimate fee and can have the unit returned to you, or we can dispose of the unit for you.

Estimate Requests: The charge for estimates is $85 USD. The charge for estimates is non-refundable, even if the customer chooses not to have the product repaired. If the repair estimate is rejected, the unrepaired unit will be returned at the customer’s request, or will be disposed of by AE Techron.

All repair estimates must be approved or rejected within 30 days. Units still in the possession of AE Techron after 30 days of the estimate will be considered abandoned and become the property of AE Techron.

An estimate represents the approximate repair cost. If the total repair charges do not exceed 10% of the estimate provided, the technician will continue with the repair. You will be notified of the final cost after your unit is repaired. If the total repair charges exceed the estimate by 10% or more, you will be notified of the findings and approval will be required before the technician finishes the repair.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR MODELS DL-2C, DL-2S, IC-150 AND OC-150: Repair service for these models is only available via Estimate of Repair Costs. Due to parts availability, cosmetic parts for these models, including rack-mount brackets, covers, and face plates are NOT repairable. In addition, specialty parts used by Crown in the manufacture of the product may no longer be available and may cause the unit to be unrepairable. UNITS DEEMED UNREPAIRABLE WILL STILL INCUR THE $85.00 ESTIMATE CHARGE.

When sending model DL-2C for repair, you must include the unit's interconnecting power cables and power supply (DL-2S). We cannot repair a model DL-2C without the interconnecting power cables and power supply, and we cannot repair a DL-2S (supply) alone. Phono Models DL2-PM and DL2-MCPM are NOT repairable by AE Techron.

Payment Terms: Payment is due at the time of service. Payment can be made via major credit card or Paypal. Companies or entities that anticipate repairs of five or more units per year and established AE Techron customers can apply for Net 30 payment terms. Download our credit application here.

After Repair: If the customer has not paid for the repair, a $50 per month storage fee will be added to their invoice 30 days from the date their unit was repaired on (credit card customers). After 60 days without contact, the amplifier is considered abandoned and becomes the property of AE Techron.

Warranty on Service: We warranty all parts replaced on your product for 90 days after the repair is completed.

Shipping Requirements: AE Techron is not responsible for damage caused by poor packaging. Damage caused by poor packaging is not covered under warranty. If possible, units should be returned using the original factory packaging. Replacement packaging also can be ordered from AE Techron for a nominal fee.

Every effort will be made to repair shipping damage, but additional costs may be incurred. Shipping instructions are available upon request; they can also be found in your owner’s manual. AE Techron reserves the right to determine the cause of damage.

By sending in an amplifier with a Service Ticket Number, you are indicating that you have read and agree with the Terms listed above.