Model Brand Series Description Datasheet
"TEC3620 Techron LV3620 Modified to provide a ""floating output"" when used in bridge mode with an isolated signal source to test Y loads in electric utility industry.
515JPL Techron 5515 5515 having a ten-turn 2K level control potentiometer replacing existing level control potentiometer.
5507 Techron 5507 Brown w/BNC input connectors. No XLR connectors.
5507 DCA Techron 5507 With DC coupled input and offset potts.
5507 E3 Techron 5507 Brown w/BNC input connectors in 220V.
5507DCB Techron 5507 DC coupled.
5515 Techron 5515 Brown w/ BNC input connector.
5530 Techron 5530 Brown w/BNC.
5531 Techron 5530 Black finish with heat sinks.
7118 AE Techron 7100 Series High-speed AC/DC amplifier with precision DC supply
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