DSR 100 Series: Dropout, Surge, Ripple Simulator and AC/DC Voltage Source

DSR 100-25 5

AE Techron’s DSR 100 Series systems provide complete, single-box solutions for immunity testing. They include a simple-to-use yet powerful standards waveform generator matched with an industry leading power supply technology and come with an extensive library of tests for many automotive and industry standards.

All models of the DSR 100 Series are 4-quadrant, allowing them to source and sink current. The DSR Series has power in reserve; each model provides

continuous DC power as rated, and is able to provide 4X rated power for in-rush testing up to 200 mS, as is required in DO 160 Section 16.

DSR 100 Series

Dropout, Surge, Ripple Simulator and AC/DC Voltage Source

  • Includes library of 1000+ pre-entered Automotive and Industry Standards’ test routines
  • Operate as a free- standing system using the included monitor, keyboard and mouse, or control via LAN
  • Very easy to modify existing tests or build new test sequences
  • Models from 25A to 200A continuous output current available

Key Performance Capabilities:

  • 4-Quadrant – Can source and sink current
  • ±80V – DC supply for 12V to 48V systems; meets 80V surge requirements
  • 300 kHz Sine – DC ripple tests for all major standards
  • 3µS Rise Time – Exceeds surge and dropout slew rate requirements
  • 3mΩ DC Source Impedance – Out-performs ISO 7637-2 requirements


DSR 100-15

DSR 100-25

Output Current: 0A to 25A continuous
Peak Current: 50A for 200 mS
Bandwidth (-3dB),
   Full Signal:
DC to 300 kHz;
   Small Signal: 3Vp-p to 1 MHz
Supply Voltage: Single-phase, 120V ±10%, 30A, 50/60 Hz. 230V, 15A version available
Dimensions (HxWxD): 9.5 x 20 x 25 in. (24.1 x 50.8 x 63.5 cm)
Weight: Approximately 76.5 lbs. (35 kg)

DSR 100-50

DSR 100-50

Output Current: 0A to 50A continuous
Peak Current: 200A for 200 mS
Bandwidth (-3dB),
   Full Signal:
DC to 150 kHz;
   Small Signal: 20Vp-p to 250 kHz
Supply Voltage: 3-phase, 208V ±10%, 40A, 50/60 Hz. 400V, 20A version available.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 34 x 22.5 x 27 in. (86.4 x 57.2 68.6 cm)
Weight: Approximately 215 lbs. (98 kg)


DSR 100-100

Output Current: 0A to 100A continuous
Peak Current: 400A for 200 mS
Bandwidth (-3dB),
   Full Signal:
DC to 150 kHz;
   Small Signal: 20Vp-p to 250 kHz
Supply Voltage: 3-phase, 208V ±10%, 60A, 50/60 Hz. 400V, 30A version available.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 46 x 22.5 x 27 in. (116.8 x 57.2 x 68.6 cm)
Weight: Approximately 380 lbs. (172 kg)


DSR 100-150

Output Current: 0A to 150A continuous
Peak Current: 600A for 200 mS
Bandwidth (-3dB),
   Full Signal:
DC to 150 kHz;
   Small Signal: 20Vp-p to 250 kHz
Supply Voltage: 3-phase, 208V ±10%, 100A, 50/60 Hz. 400V, 50A version available.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 55.25 x 22 x 28 in. (140.3 x 55.9 x 71.1 cm)
Weight: Approximately 600 lbs. (272 kg)


DSR 100-200

Output Current: 0A to 200A continuous
Peak Current: 800A for 200 mS
Bandwidth (-3dB),
   Full Signal:
DC to 150 kHz;
   Small Signal: 20Vp-p to 250 kHz
Supply Voltage: 3-phase, 208V ±10%, 125A, 50/60 Hz. 400V, 65A version available.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 69.25 x 22 x 28 in. (175.9 x 59.9 71.1 cm)
Weight: Approximately 850 lbs. (386 kg)

Common Data (all models)

Output Range: –80V to +80V
Source Impedance: 3 mΩ + 2.2 µH
Operation: 4-quadrant, bi-polar operation
Output Rise Time: <3 µS
Remote Control: LAN
Cooling: Internal forced-air fans
Protection: Over/under voltage, over current, over temperature
Trigger: Automatic repeat, manual trigger

   Signal In:
BNC connector
   LAN: Ethernet connector
   DUT Supply +/-:
High-current connectors
   Signal Output: BNC connector
   LAN: Ethernet connector

Waveforms: Sine wave sweep, ripple (cranking), DC source, triangle wave, square wave, sawtooth wave
   Control Functions: Trigger, fixed loop, variable loop, template playback, GPIO output, LAN output
Operating Environment,
10°C to 50°C (50°F to 122°F), Maximum Output Power de-rated above 30°C (86°F).)
   Humidity: 70% or less, non-condensing
   Atmospheric Pressure: 86 kPa (860 mbar) to 106 kPa (1,060 mbar)

Pre-entered Tests

Generic Standards

ANSI ASAE EP455 (Feb03)
IEC 6100-4-16 (2015)
ISO 7637-2 (2004) (E)

ISO 7637-2 (2011) (E)
ISO 16750-2 (2012-11) (E)
JASO D 001-94 (1994-03-31)
SAE J1113-2 (JUL2004)
SAE J1113-11 (JUN2007)
SAE J2139 (SEP2005)
SAE J2628 (JUL2007)


NOTE: Some included tests may require voltages above 100V. Voltages above 100V are not supported by the DSR models.

Manufacturer-Specific Standards

Audi I EE-32 (2006-06)
BMW GS 95003-2 (2010-01)
BMW GS 95003-3 (2010-01)

BMW GS 95024-2-1 (2010-01)
BMW GS 95024-2-2 (2011-01)
Case New Holland ENS0310 (12-2-2010)
Chrysler CS-11809 (2009-05-29)
Chrysler CS-11979 (2010-04-13)
Claas CN 05 0215 (2004-12)
Cummins 14269 (06201-028)
Cummins 14387 (102020-119)
DAF BSL-003 (1998-12)
DAF BSL-006 (2009-04)
Daimler Chrysler DC-10842 (2003-12)
Daimler Chrysler PF-9326 Change D
Fiat 9-90110 Issue 13 (2007-03)


Ford CS-2009.1 (2-11-2010)
Ford FMC 1278
General Motors GMW3172_H (July 2010)
Honda 7794Z-SAAA-000 (28.12.2004)
Hyundai ES 39110-00 (2005-08)
Hyundai ES 95400-10 (2007-11-14)
Hyundai ES 96100-02 (2006-11-16)
Mazda MES PW67600 (1995-07)
Mitsubishi ES-X82010 Rev Q (2007-01)
Mitsubishi ES X82115 Rev C (2009-03)
Nissan 28400NDS02 Rev 3 (1999-07)
Nissan 28400NDS03 Rev 3 (2005-08)
Nissan 28401NDS02 Rev 4 (2008-08)
Toyota TSC70212G (2007-06)
Volkswagen VW 80101 (2009-03)
Volkswagen VW 80000 (2009-10)


DSR 100 Series Datasheet

DSR 100 Series Datasheet

Complete technical specifications

DSR 100 Series Operator's Manual

DSR 100 Series Operator's Manual

Printable pdf version

3110A Help/Operator's Manual

3110A Help/Operator's Manual

Printable pdf version

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