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DSR 100 Series

DSR 100 Series: Automotive Conducted Immunity Test System

Our DSR 100 drop-out, surge, ripple simulator and AC/DC voltage source provides a complete, single-box solution for automotive immunity testing. This includes a simple-to-use, yet powerful standards waveform generator matched with an industry leading power supply technology. It features an extensive 3,000+ library of tests for many automotive and industry standards.

System Features:
  • Includes library of 3000+ pre-enterd Automotive and Industry Standards' test routines.
  • Operate as a free-standing system using the included monitor, keyboard and mouse, or control via LAN.
  • Very easy to modify existing tests or build new test sequences.
  • Can function as a controller or node in a larger test system via built-in LAN and GPIO controls.
  • Models from 25A to 200A continuous output current.

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CIS-25 Test Kit

CIS-25 Test Kit: Conducted/Induced Susceptibility Testing

AE Techron's CIS-25 Test Kit combines into a single, complete package the items needed to accurately test to important Aviation standards like DO-160 Sections 16, 18, & 19, Boeing, Airbus, and MIL STD 461. Included with the kit are three coupling transformers (T1000, T2000, and T3700), the CR600 Chattering Relay accessory, and a secure storage cabinet to keep the equipment safe.

System Features:
  • Includes two hours of expert consulting provided by EMC Specialist Patrick G. Andre, who will answer questions regarding set-up or testing.
  • Includes the DSR 100-=25 test system, providing continuous DC power as rated, and is able to provide 4X rated power for in-rush testing up to 200 ms (such as is required in DO 160 Section 16).
  • Includes the complete 3110A Standard's Library, so the CIS-25 Test Kit can be used for many other tests.
  • Easy to set up and use; all elements in the kit are robust and will provide you with many years of trouble-free service.

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3110A Standards Waveform Generator

3110A Standards Waveform Generator

The 3110A is a simple-to-use yet powerful standards waveform generator. It can be combined with other AE Techron products to quickly create a wide range of powerful and intelligent EMC test solutions. The 3110A outputs a standard analog signal that can work with any AE Techron amplifier or other LF amplifiers that you already have. When coupled with the AE Techron model 7234 amplifier, the 3110A can create virtually all waveforms, DC offsets, dropouts and surges needed for EMC test with rise/fall times of 2µs or greater and frequencies from DC to 1 MHz.

System Features:
  • Includes library of 3000+ pre-entered Automotive, Aviation, and Industry Standards' test routines.
  • Up to 1 MHz EMC Testing.
  • Dramatically reduces test time for repetitive test sequences.
  • Semi-automatic calibration routine significantly reduces labor-intensive tasks (like CS101).
  • Very easy to modify included waveform sequences or create new ones.

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EMC Testing Amplifiers

Linear and Switch-Mode Amplifiers for a Variety of EMC Testing

AE Techron is a world leader in the design and manufacture of DC to 1MHz industrial power amplifiers and test systems. We produce high-reliability, wide-bandwidth, low-noise linear and switch-mode amplifiers while surrounding our products with great technical support, creating an unmatched value for our customers.

Switch-Mode Amplifiers

7224/7234: Industrial Amplifiers / Battery Simulators

  • Automotive up to 30A dC / 250 kHz AC
  • Aviation DO 160 Section 18 and 19
Switch-Mode Amplifiers

8504: Wide-bandwidth, High-Power Switch-Mode Amplifier

  • DO-160 Section 16 AC/DC
  • MIL Standard 704 AC/DC
Switch-Mode Amplifiers

7794: Four-Quadrant, DC-enabled Linear Power Amplifier

  • Automotive up to 200A DC / 250 kHz


4301 Telecom Test System

4301 Series: Complete Solution for DC Voltage Variations and Telecom Transients Testing

The 4301 Series has been specially designed for EMC testing of network telecommunications equipment and is the best system available for producing the waveforms required for transient voltage measurements as described in GR-1089 Section 10 and ATIS-0600315.2007. The 4301 includes a SDG2042X Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, which comes pre-programmed and integrated into the 4301 system. Together, the 4301 with Siglent AWG provides a complete solution for GR-1089 Section 10/ATIS-0600315.2007 testing.

System Features:
  • Slew rates up to 60 V/µsec.
  • Up to 240A DC at +50V DC or –50V DC (4301-240 configuration).
  • Can provide pulses of up to 800 amps at voltages of up to ±100V (4301-240 configuration).
  • Adjustable compensation allows the system to maintain a 50V/2 µsec rise-time over a wide range of current outputs.

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