3110A Standards Waveform Generator: 1500+ Automotive & Industry Standards' Tests Included

3110 standards waveform generator


Up to 1 MHz EMC Testing

  • Easiest-to-use LF wave sequence generator
  • 1550+ automotive and aviation standards' tests included
  • Dramatically reduces test time for repetitive test sequences
  • Semi-automatic calibration routine significantly reduces labor-intensive tasks (like CS101)
  • Very easy to modify included waveform sequences or create new ones

Key Performance Capabilities:

  • Bandwidth - DC to 1 MHz
  • Rise Time - Under 1µs
  • Minimum Pulse Duration - Under 50µs

The 3110A is a simple-to-use yet powerful standards waveform generator. It can be combined with other AE Techron products to quickly create a wide range of powerful and intelligent EMC test solutions.

The 3110A outputs a standard analog signal that can work with any AE Techron amplifier or other LF amplifiers that you already have. It has a scalable output, so the values entered in the 3110A interface will result in your desired system output. When coupled with the AE Techron model 7228 amplifier, the 3110A can create virtually all waveforms, DC offsets, drop outs and surges needed for EMC tests with rise/ fall times of 1 μs or greater and frequencies from DC to 1 MHz.

The 3110A software is built around the simple concept of a waveform segment. Each waveform segment can have a unique waveform, (sine, square, triangle, and/or DC offset). Frequency, amplitude and DC offset can be clipped, fixed, variable or swept. Segments can be calibrated (as required in CS101) and set to continue on to the next segment or to hold for an external trigger.

The power of the system occurs when waveform segments are linked to create test sequences. These test sequences can be of any length and can be run as a single sequence, looped, or looped with multiple variables changing within the test sequence (as required in multiple Toyota and GM standards). Finally, multiple sequences can be combined to create a single customized extended test.

An extensive library of 1500+ tests for many automotive, aviation and industry Standards makes it possible for the 3110A to save time from day one. And, for customers that require over-testing or testing for products that have no predefined standard, tests from the Standards Library can be easily modified and saved for later use

The 3110A delivers extensive capabilities for LF EMC testing with very short training-time requirements. Plus, it makes it easy to automate repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, making the 3110A a very efficient and cost-effective solution for LF EMC testing.

Standards Library

Standards Included in the 3110 Library

Airbus ABD0100.1.8 Issue E

Airbus ABD0100.1.8.1 Issue C


Audi I EE-32

BMW GS 95003-2

BMW GS 95024-2-1

BMW GS 95024-2-2

Case New Holland ENS0310

Chrysler CS-11809

Chrysler CS-11979

Claas CN 05 0215

Cummins 14269

Cummins 14387



Daimler Chrysler DC-10842

Daimler Chrysler PF-9326 Change D


Fiat 9-90110 Issue 13

Ford CS-2009.1

Ford FMC1278

General Motors GMW3172_H 

Honda 7794Z-SAAA-000 

Hyundai ES 39110-00

Hyundai ES 95400-10  

Hyundai ES 96100-02 

IEC 6100-4-16

ISO 7637-2:2004

ISO 7637-2:2011

ISO 16750-2:2012

JASO D 001-94

Mazda MES PW67600



Mitsubishi ES-X892010 Rev Q 

Mitsubishi ES-X82115 Rev C

Nissan 28400NDS02 Rev.3

Nissan 28400NDS03 Rev.3

Nissan 28401NDS02 Rev.4

SAE J2628

SAE J1113-11

SAE J2139

SAE J1113-2

Toyota TSC7021G

Volkswagen VW 80000 

Volkswagen VW 80101 

Build a System

Together, the 3110A and 7220- and 7700-series amplifiers create an intelligent, engineered, modular test system. Continuous DC power ratings from 15A to 240A DC are possible with various combinations of the 3110A and off-the-shelf AE Techron audio-bandwidth amplifiers. For aviation testing, systems can be created for 115 VAC/230 VAC with surge voltages up to 380 VAC.

Key System Features

  • Output voltages are entered into the 3110A which automatically scales its output to achieve the requested voltage at the output of the amplifier.
  • The 3110A has provisions for system (3110 + amplifier) DC offset and gain correction.
  • Modular construction allows you to create a system with the voltage and current needed. If, at some point in the future, test requirements change, you are able to add to or change the system as needed.

DC System Example:

3110A + 7228
  • 13.5 / 14 / 18 VDC
  • 16A continuous<; 50A surge/li>
  • DC to 1 MHz bandwidth
  • ±80 VDC voltage potential
3110 system with 7224 amplifier

DC System Example:

3110A + 2 x 7796
  • 13.5 / 14 / 18 VDC
  • 120A continuous
  • 400A surge
  • ±100 VDC voltage potential
3110 system with two 7796 amplifiers

AC System Example:

3110A + 3 x 7548
  • 115 / 230 VRMS
  • 16A continuous (at 115V or above)
  • 50 ARMS surge
  • 0 - 380 VRMS voltage potential
3110 system with three 7548 amplifiers

Front & Back

3110 front panel
3110 back panel


Technical Details - Hardware

Output Channels: 1
Output Voltage: 10 Vpk
Signal Generation,
18 bit, DC - 20 kHz (any wave form), 3µs full scale (includes settling time)
   Sine: 14 bit, DC - 300 kHz,, 400 Msps, 0,01 Hz frequency resolution or better, 0.002 degree phase granularity
Amplitude: 76 µV resolution
±50 ppm
  Accuracy: ±0.1%

Control, Status, I/O

Front Panel,
  On/Off Breaker

  Signal Output: BNC (analog - 10 Vp)
  LED Displays: Power, System Fault, Signal-In Enabled
Back Panel,
Power Connection:

120 VAC: IEC cable with NEMA 5-15
230 VAC: IEC cable with CEE 7/7
Fuse: 2A, 250V slow blow (5 mm)

Technical Highlights - Software

Waveforms Supported:
Sine, Ripple, DC, Triangle, Square, Sawtooth
Waveform Modifiers:
Amplitude, frequency and DC offset (fixed or linear, logarithmic* or exponential sweep); phase angle; duration; clipped amplitude; and ripple on AC
Waveform Controls:
Trigger (user, GPIO, LAN), Fixed Loop, Variable Loop, Scripted Variable Loop, Template Playback, GPIO Output, LAN Output
Test Capabilities,
  Minimum Waveform Duration: 50 µs
  Maximum Number of Loop Repeats: >1 million
Storage Capabilities, Number of Tests: 300,000 (expandable to 1 million)

*Logarithmic sweep available for sine, ripple and DC offset waveforms only.

Physical Characteristics

The 3110A is designed for table-top or rack-mounted operation. The chassis is aluminum with a black powder-coat finish. The unit occupies two EIA 19-inch-wide units.
Weight: 9.5 lbs (4.31 kg)
Shipping Weight: 19.5 lbs (8.85 kg)
AC Power:
Single-phase, 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2A service; 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2A model available
Dimensions: 19 in. x 11.75 in. x 3.5 in. (48.3 cm x 29.8 cm x 8.9 cm)


3110A Datasheet

Complete technical specifications

3110A Help/Operator's Manual

Printable pdf version

3110A Tests List

Printable pdf version

3110A Calibration Guide

For Calibration of individual 3110/3110A units

STEP file for Chassis

For 3110 Standards Waveform Generator

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