AE Techron Technical Support and Service

Our 3-STEP Service Process

Online Resources

We recommend referencing the product documentation or Tech FAQs as your first stop for any AE Techron product problems. Many common issues associated with incorrect connections or system faults can be resolved quickly, by you, at your facility.

Product Manuals
Tech Notes and FAQs
Technical Support

For questions that are more complex and can’t be resolved using the provided online resources, we have factory-trained application engineers available to respond to your questions. Tech Support is available via phone or email from 8am to 5pm EST. Our response goal is for you to hear back from us within one business day.

Return for Service

If your AE Techron product can’t be repaired at your facility, a representative from our Service Center will contact you to provide instructions to return the product for servicing.

To begin the return process for Factory Service, please complete a Service Request. After completing the Service Request, you will be sent an RMA number. The RMA number is vital to allow us to match your incoming product with your contact information and the trouble report that you have filled out prior to shipping your product to us for repair.