About the Crown/JBL Repair Center at AE Techron, Inc.

EXPERIENCE: AE Techron has been repairing Crown amplifiers, old and new, since 1999. From D75s to the latest I-Tech HD and Drive Core series amplifiers, our repair technicians have 70+ years of combined experience repairing Crown amplifiers and JBL Pro amplifier modules.

COST EFFECTIVE: No surprises! Our bench rates and parts costs are similar to present Crown/JBL service rates.

AVAILABILITY: As an amplifier manufacturer, we have over $800K of parts in stock at our 20,000 sq. ft. facility, making it possible for most component level repairs to be completed quickly.

INDEPENDENT: We don’t install sound systems or sell to the audio market, so we’re not your competition.

KNOWLEDGEABLE: Our staff includes design engineers, many of whom were involved in the development of former Crown amplifier models. Should a repair prove especially complex, our service techs have on-site back-up via our in-house engineering team.

About AE Techron, Inc.

Formerly the industrial division of Crown, AE Techron has been designing and manufacturing industrial amplifiers and test equipment for over 20 years.

Our Repair Center now includes repairs for the following products:

  • Techron and AE Techron products.
  • Crown warranty, non-warranty, and legacy audio products.
  • JBL warranty, non-warranty, and legacy powered speakers.

AE Techron began providing repair services for non-warranty and legacy Crown products in 1999. JBL powered speaker warranty repair services were added in 2023.


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