AE Techron Factory Recertification

The AE Techron factory recertification process is designed to verify that your amplifier is still performing within the factory specifications of when it was originally purchased. This service is available for any AE Techron amplifier models that we currently service. The fee for this service is $250.

Please follow this simple process for initiating the recertification process:

  1. Contact the Technical Services team using one of the blue buttons near the bottom of this page and indicate your interest in having an amplifier product recertified.
  2. Technical Services will initiate the Return for Service process.
  3. Follow the instructions provided and ship the amplifier to our facility.
  4. The amplifier will be tested on our automated test system.
  5. A POP (Proof of Performance) certificate containing testing results and key measurements will be provided to you.
  6. Your amplifier will be shipped back to you.

After testing and key measurements are taken, if your amplifier is not currently operating within factory specifications, Technical Services will contact you to discuss your repair or upgrade options.

Please Note: This is NOT a calibration service, which would require a third party calibration service provider that is accredited to ISO standard 17025.